You Kinda Need to Read This Post

We all know you aren’t supposed to use “and”, “umm” and “uhh” in speeches. These are known as vocalized pauses and they  are used by speakers to buy time while they gather their thoughts. But, did you know there are other words that shouldn’t be used in speeches? Here  is one of the big ones.

Kinda: Slang for “kind of“– it is one like the others with which it’s grouped.  When you say “Its kinda like…” you are trying to establish a relationship  between what you are talking about and something you are about to talk about.  The only problem is that most speakers use it inappropriately.  When they use it, their level of authority is diminished.  Let me give you an example.

It’s kinda new and different. We have never done anything like this before.

Here, the speaker is saying that it is new and different. Kinda isn’t needed.  It’s either new and different or it’s not. When you remove “kinda” from the  sentences, your language becomes more action oriented. Read the sentences again; this time without “kinda”

It’s new and different. We have never done anything like this before.

The sentence is now alive and vivid. When you say it out loud,  you sound more confident and decisive.  Losing kinda is gaining action. Lose it and become commanding. Keep it and sound unsure.  Words mean things when you are speaking. Make sure you are using action oriented language in your speeches. Lose “kinda”

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