XP Mode: Terminal Connect Is Currently Busy Processing a Connect Operation

Big Thanks to Bob Comer over at Social.Technet.Microsoft.com for supplying the answer to an issue I was having with Windows XP Mode running on Windows 7.

Each time the user would try to log in with the default XPMUser username and password, XP mode responded with:

"xp requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connect is currently busy processing a connect operation"

The answer was to delete the Windows XP Mode.vsv file located here:

C:users[your user name]appdatamicrosoftWindows Virtual PCVirtual

Thanks again Bob.

ref link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-ZA/w7itprovirt/thread/13b052c3-6ef0-4d91-81ac-79c0b70bc7ff

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