Earn More By Being Selfish

Many people go through life taking whatever job comes their way at whatever wage their employer sets. If this is you, take heart, it may be possible for you make more money doing what your good at.
In his book Earn What You’re Really Worth, Brian Tracy says,

“See yourself as a precious resource, like money, and see the market as a place where you are going to invest yourself to get the very highest return on your mental, emotional, and physical capital. Be perfectly selfish when it comes to committing your life and your work to a particular company in a particular industry”

Tracy also recommends working for top employers in growing industries because they have “better leadership, better products and services, better technology and a better future.”
  • You have a value in the marketplace.
  • You need to think of yourself as precious resource.
  • You are investing your mind, your emotions and your physical capital in what you do.
  • If you are investing your mind, emotions and physical capital, you should try to get the highest return you can.
  • Work for top companies in growing industries.

Take Away:

  • See yourself as valuable in the marketplace
  • Get the highest return you can.
  • Look for employment with top companies in growing industries
  • Invest in yourself so that you can increase your value in the marketplace.

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