What are Libraries in Windows 7?

Windows 7 libraries are a very cool way to get a handle on all your pictures videos, music, documents or whatever you are trying to organize on your computer or local network.  Libraries are just a way of gathering anything you want to collect and keeping it in one place.  If you are familiar with public libraries Window 7 libraries work in the same way. Public libraries gather a bunch of different media from various authors, publishing companies and locations and organize them in one place so you can find what you want quickly. Windows libraries do the same thing.

Windows libraries come with four default libraries: Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

By default, each library starts with two folders. One is in located your User profile and the other in the public folder of the same name.  As you can see, my music library has a folder from my User profile and a folder named Public Music that I share with everyone.

Default Libraries

But let’s say I have some music in My Music folder and some in a folder named music in my downloads folder. How can I look at my whole collection at once? Simple add the downloads\music folder to the music library.

1.      Open  the music library

Windows 7 libraires

2.      Add a location by clicking the Add button

3.      Navigate to the downloads\music folder.

Music Libraries, Window 7

4.      Select Include in folder button.

Windows 7 libraries, Include Folder

5.      Click OK

6.      Refresh your music library and the music folder now appears in the music library.

You can use the power of libraries to assist you to wrangle a sprawling media collection. You can even use libraries on your home network.  In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how to add other network locations to your library.

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