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McAf.eeMcAfee has released their new URL shortening service called What makes it different from other popular URL shortening services is that is from a security company. Wednesday, in his Safe and Secure Blog  Larry Magid gave this explanation:

“The service will shorten URLs right away–without scanning them to make sure that the linked-to site is secure–but when a user clicks on a link, the security firm will examine the destination to determine if it’s likely safe. The company will use some of the same databases it uses for its SiteAdvisor service and other security products to help ensure that the destination isn’t malicious or spammy. ”  The whole story is here:

I’m sure other security companies will be soon to follow, but for now I’m going to give a whirl. Hopefully, my Twitter follower’s will enjoy some confidence knowing that I”m not sending them to nefarious sites.

Three Reasons I’m Going To Use URL Shortening Service

  1. URLs  are being checked by a known player in the security game (although not my favorite).
  2. The project was led  by someone at McAfee that thought the Antivirus company had something to offer that other services didn’t. I agree.
  3. McAfee actually got out in front on something. I’m no McAfee fanboy, but who has a better service right now?


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