The Next Big Thing

What’s the next big thing? I have developed a strange curiosity for how the internet impacts the non-tech segment of the population. I’ll confess I watched dumbfounded as Facebook became a game changer for for pop-culture. I was out in front of the Twitter craze, but abandoned it after I received blank stares when I tried to explain it. (I’m back as SRPurnell). What’s the next big thing for the internet? I have no idea.

What I do know is that there is a big need for small organizations and clubs to coordinate. While Microsoft dominates the corporate world with SharePoint and it’s Office Suite , small businesses, clubs and organizations need these same type of collaboration tools.

Enter Google. Google is making a play as “The Cloud” solution for the masses. With things like Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Sites and Google Voice, the online giant is looking to be the answer to our needs.

I know these solutions have been around for a few years now so this is not exactly breaking news, but I believe they haven’t permeated the culture yet like Facebook and Twitter. I realize this is an apples and oranges comparison because we are talking social media versus a cloud based productivity suite, but the fact remains that there is a large number of non-tech people who have no idea what they can do with Google’s products.

Over the the next several posts I’m going to explore Google’s products and give you an overview of how to use them and what I think. We can both learn along the way. I invite your feedback as I make these posts. Hopefully, we will be out in front of this wave before it reaches critical mass. (By the way, I measure critical mass as widespread adoption by both high school students and those over forty).

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