Taking Your Brand from 0 to 60.

I wish this were my original content but I have to give credit to Jason Alba creator and CEO of Jibberjobber.com

Free Personal Relationship Manager for the Job Seeker and the Professional Networker

I heard Jason share these tips during a podcast interview for A Brand You World Personal Branding Summit Teleseminar and was so inspired, I wanted pass on my notes to you.

Top Five Tips to Take Your Personal Brand from 0 to 60

  1. Start a blog and blog 3 to 5 times per week. I’ve heard some big time bloggers NOT recommending this recently. They say that providing good quality content is more important than how often you blog.    I think you should blog as often as you can put out good content. Jason Alba’s point was that in order for you to control your brand you have to get as much good quality content out there as often as you can.  That’s a big part of people finding you when they search for your name as a keyword.
  2. Create accounts and become involved on websites that Google loves. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, SlideShare are all sites Google loves. When you create your accounts on these sites, you are given the chance to enter your URL.  Doing so gives you some link credibility from reputable sites.  I can testify to the fact that this works.  I started dominating  Google search results for my name when I became active on Twitter, SlideShare, and Linked-In.
  3. Comment on the blogs of other bloggers who are big in your niche. If you want to be seen as one of the “big dogs”,   hang out where they hang out. Go to their sites and become active in what they are doing. Leave comments on their posts. Just make sure that you are adding to the conversation. Don’t leave a comment that says. “Good post, I enjoyed it.”  Instead leave a comment that speaks to the point  the blogger was making.  Try, “Bill,  I agree that twenty-five letters is a good number for the alphabet, but  I think it would be difficult to sell to the education community. They have a vested interest in keeping the letter “Q”.” See how much better that is?   The whole idea is to build your brand by associating it with theirs.
  4. Keep It Clean. When you are trying to establish your name as your brand, you need to be very careful about what you post online.  You may be tempted to go on a few rants or become very involved in political debates, but when potential employers and customer’s are looking  for you on Google, you don’t want  20 blog posts about how you think one political party or the other is bad for the country. Remember, what you post online stays online– forever.  You are free to post what you want, just remember,  people are free to read it and form their opinions about what you write.
  5. Find a way to substantiate yourself. This simply means to find a way to prove to others what you can do then find a way to tell them about it.  This is not vain self-promotion. It is self-promotion.  I hate to tell you this but no one will beat a path to your door until they know you live there. You’ve got to find a way to let the world know what you can do.

I want to thank Jason Alba for doing that interview. I thought these were five of the best tips I have seen on personal branding in a while.  If you implement them, please let me know how they worked for you.


  1. spurnell


    Thanks for the reply. It’s an honor to have you comment. I’ve recently discovered your work and your interviews on the Brand You World Podcasts. I hope I captured your points accurately.

    Please feel free to clarify anything I posted that was off message. Keep up the good work. I’ll continue to follow.

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