Yelp… helps?

Guest Post by Christyn K.

Picture this. You are driving through a new town on your annual family vacation and in need of both a place to eat dinner and also a hotel for the evening. You exit the freeway and stop at the first restaurant the catches your eye: a local Ma and Pa dive with a $6.95 Salisbury Steak special. After sitting your whole family down for a nourishing meal, you come to realize that the only thing special about the Salisbury Steak is it’s green moldy glow, and the waitress is too indifferent to take it off your bill.…

Yelp Update: I’m Movin’ On Yelp

It happened so fast I didn’t really pay attention to it. I’ve been on Yelp for a little over a month and have been pretty consistent about leaving reviews for various businesses. It’s fun and I enjoy reading what others have to say too.

So when a friend sent me congratulations on being a “Top Yelper in Kansas City” this week, I couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a marketing trick, but I was assured it was not. Here is the screen shot.
Shane Purnell Yelping Off