How To Email an Executive

This post on email first appeared on Strategically Speaking   It’s not unusual for Russ Bernthal, President of ProfitStars, to check email from his phone when he’s on the road. But scrolling through long threads looking for the point of an email is a fate he doesn’t suffer well. “Long threads drive me nuts,” he shares with me. “They’re particularly annoying when I’m traveling and looking at emails on my phone.” Stacey Zengel, President of Jack Henry Banking, is no…

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Shane Purnell & Ryan Rhoten on The Brand New You Podcast

Ryan Rhoten knows this and you should too. The more time I spend studying communication, the more obvious it is  that we all  need to build a personal platform.  So much of what I talk about sits at the intersection of personal branding, public relations and communication. Because of that, I often find myself as a guest expert on podcasts or being interviewed for my opinions on building a personal platform. Recently I sat down with Ryan Rhoten of the brand-new you…

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You Kinda Need to Read This Post

We all know you aren’t supposed to use “and”, “umm” and “uhh” in speeches. These are known as vocalized pauses and they  are used by speakers to buy time while they gather their thoughts. But, did you know there are other words that shouldn’t be used in speeches? Here  is one of the big ones. Kinda: Slang for “kind of“– it is one like the others with which it’s grouped.  When you say “Its kinda like…” you are trying to…

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