Shane Purnell & Ryan Rhoten on The Brand New You Podcast

RYAN RHOTEN-BRAND-NEW-YOURyan Rhoten knows this and you should too. The more time I spend studying communication, the more obvious it is  that we all  need to build a personal platform.  So much of what I talk about sits at the intersection of personal branding, public relations and communication.

Because of that, I often find myself as a guest expert on podcasts or being interviewed for my opinions on building a personal platform.

Recently I sat down with Ryan Rhoten of the brand-new you show and talked about my brand, Platform Giant and about CARVING  (C.A.R.V.E ) a platform. I have a lot of respect for Ryan because he is taking platform building to a new level and he’s challenging me to do the same.

You can read a little more about Ryan’s signature D.I.C.E. method of personal branding below. If you just want a flavor for what Ryan and I talked about in the interview, here are a few links.


Read The Interview here:

Listen to the interview.

More About Ryan Rhoten

Ryan helps people build their personal brand using a four step personal branding process he calls DICE


Ryan develeloped this process after his own shocking introduction to personal branding. Here’s an excerpt from his website.

As a part of my personal branding journey, I decided to Google myself. That’s when I discovered I was one of four Ryan Rhoten’s in the world and I wasn’t anywhere to be found on the first three (3) pages of Google search results.

Can you guess who was on page one, four times?  One of the other Ryan’s of course, but not just any one of them, it was the one who had been recently arrested…again.Anyone searching for me online back then, would have him NOT me.

I vowed at that moment to never again leave my brand, my reputation, in the hands of others. Instead, I would learn to build my personal brand online and help as many other people as possible do the same.

Today, I’m happy to report that on any given day I own page one when you Google my name.  The ‘bad’ Ryan?  He’s solidly on page two now.

That didn’t happen by accident.  It took hard work, a lot of research and very intentional actions on my to start building my brand.

You can do the same using a 4 step process I call D.I.C.E.

D is for discover that’s where you uncover and define what your brand is today so others don’t do it for you.
I is for integrate unlock the power of your brand by combining your off-line and online activities.
C is for create leverage your knowledge and expertise to grow your influence in your niche.
E is for engage use the power of social media to amplify your reputation.


If you’re interested in working with Ryan or finding out more about his DICE process, go to

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