Respect the Dream—- Part3

In my last two posts, I discussed the need to have a dream and honoring the dream you have.  In my final installment I’m going to lay out what I believe is the key to making your dream come true.

This week I  had an epiphany. It suddenly hit me that if I never gave up on my dream, I could never fail. Perhaps this seems a little too obvious. Maybe you were hoping for something more profound.   It is true though. In fact, not applying this concept keeps many people from making their dream come true.

When you give up on a dream, when you quit, your dream dies. This concept is evidenced by thousands of people who give up on losing weight because they try, mess up and then give up.  They  have failed so many times they  think, “Why even start again, I”m just going to fail” The dream of losing the weight dies because they give up on their passion.

When I was much younger I wanted to become a better snow skier.  All of my friends could ski the blue and black slopes and I was still skiing the slopes marked green.  One trip I determined that no matter what happened to me I was going to ski a blue slope.

Up I went on the chairlift, headed for a blue slope. When I got to the top I had no choice, I had to ski down.  I told myself I don’t care how many times I fall, I’m going to get this. I did.  I made it to the bottom.  I don’t know how many times I fell. It didn’t matter. Each time I went down I’d just get back up and keep going.

My focus wasn’t on what my friends thought or failing. My thought was on my goal of skiing the blues and black slopes (by the way that same weekend I went down a black slope too).  Because I had such single minded determination that I was going to do it, the falls and mistakes just brushed right off. I was determined to make it and I did.

To this day I use that experience as a mental anchor when I really want to achieve something. It reminds me that failure will happen but the dream is the goal, not avoiding failure.

If you never give up on your dream, you can never fail.  What’s your dream?  What are you doing to get there? Never give up. If it’s truly in your heart, respect the dream. Live it out.

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