Respect the Dream–Part 2

In my previous post I talked about the importance of having a dream.  Mine is to create a lifestyle that allows me to work how I want, where I want and when I want.  Today I’m going to cover  the importance of making your dream part of your daily life.

Lesson 2: Honor Thy Dream

If you have gone to the trouble of having a dream, respect yourself enough to work at achieving it.   I was first introduced to this concept by Scott Smith at His version of this idea was to “give your goal a central role in the story ofyour life”; my take on it is “Honor thy Dream”.

How do you honor your dream?

  1. Work on it daily. You don’t have to achieve the whole goal today, but work on it a little every day. I’ve heard this approach referred to as the 1% solution because you just try to move 1% closer to the goal every day. This makes any goal seem attainable as long as you are taking action.
  2. Think about it daily. Thinking about your goal can take the form of visualization, meditation, prayer or affirmations. Each of these techniques are very effective, but I don’t have time to go into the benefits of each here.  For the sake of this article, it really doesn’t matter which you do as long as you keep your dream in mind and nurture it.
  3. Talk to God about it. This shouldn’t be controversial, but in light of the world we live in I’ll phrase this a couple of different ways. To me the concept is the same, its just how we lay it out on the plate that’s different.
    1. When I say tell God about it, I mean take it to God in prayer. Tell Him your dream and ask him to guide your steps.  I believe that God honors humble, sincere requests and will direct you with a sense of knowing how you should next proceed.
    2. If you are not a traditionalist, I will rephrase the above paragraph. Ask the universe to reveal your path to you. Meditate on the right outcome. By aligning your energy with that of the universe, the next step will seem obvious.

In the final installment of my series I will discuss the third lesson of Repecting the Dream. The Attitude of a Dreamer

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