Quick and Easy Way To Track Click Response on Twitter

Want a quick and easy way to see if your links are getting click through on Twitter. Try Google’s URL shortening service goo.gl.
Google's URL Shortening Service

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve typed in my blog’s URL and Google shortens it to a Twitter friendly size.  So far that’s no big deal, every shortening service does that. What I like from Google is this:

Google URL shortening sevice anaylitcs

Stats for my newly created shortened URL

I can see all my traffic stats for this shortened URL

  • Stats on an Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time basis
  • Total number of clicks
  • Referrers
  • Visitor profile by Country, Browser and Platform

This is great information if you are wanting to know the effectiveness of your Tweets by something other than number of re-tweets and increased traffic to your blog. And if you have a Google Account, each shortened URL you create is unique to the long URL it refers to. So if you want to track the effectiveness of a shortened URL from different sources, say one for Twitter and one for Facebook, you can do it.   goo.gl/6Tuc

“So what?”, you say.    Bit.ly already offers tracking on click through. Just remember, Google plays for keeps when it   goes after a market.  Time will tell if they are serious about this one.

One last thing, Google  touts the security of this service by stating  that  a warning message will appear if the shortened URL points to  a suspected malware, phishing, or spam website. That’s pretty cool, but I would feel much better if that warning came from a  known player in the malware  industry (see my blog post about McAfee’s URL shortening service).

Still, I’m having a hard time resisting the stats and convenience of Goo.gl So for a while I’m going to try both.  Maybe I’ll take the shortened Google URL and run it through McAfee’s service and see if I can get it down to two letters. That would be pretty cool if it worked.

Do you have any experience with goo.gl?  Let me know what you think of it.

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