Personal Responsibility Formula from Jack Canfield


 A while back, I heard Jack Canfield stating  that all of human existence can be summed up in the formula:  E + R = O.

Events + Response = Outcome.
If we don’t like how things are turning out,  we can either try to change the world around us (our environment) or our response to the world around us. Changing the world around us requires a great deal of vision, influence and effort. Quite simply, it’s usually not worth it.  So if we can’t change the world, we are left to change  our response to it. Either way, we have in control.
  • Most often, we cannot control what the world does. 
    • We can only change our response to what the world does. 
  • We  only have complete control over what we do. 

In order to change our outcomes, we either need to change ourselves or our response to others.
O = E + R
Good Luck, let me know how it goes.

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