No! I will not LIKE YOU on Facebook

Facebook Like Us As Facebook approaches 800 million users, every business is in on the Facebook trend. Everyday, I see more businesses with signs out front that say “Like Us on Facebook”.  As a customer I have to ask, “what’s in it for me”?

Just because you have a Facebook page doesn’t mean I’m going to “like you”.  What are you offering me that entices me to form a relationship with you?

Facebook may be a game changer in the social media world, but business relationships haven’t changed.  Unless you have something to offer me; unless you have a reason to engage me socially; unless you have something that would make me want to want to be your fan (or friend), I’m  not going to “like you” on Facebook.

However, there are four reasons I will “Like you” on Facebook.

  1. You have a product or service that makes my life better or easier.
  2. I have an incredible experience with your company and want to tell others about it.
  3. You offer me special deals that I would not otherwise get.
  4. I believe that by associating with you:
    1. my image will be enhanced (Ahem…Not me personally of course,  I mean generally)
    2. I am part of a community of like-minded people.
Sometimes business is purely a financial exchange. I’m going to come in to your store; you are going to give me a product and I am going to give you money. That’s it.  So don’t assume that because you have a Facebook page that I’m going to like your business.  If you can do one or more of the things above, you have a much stronger chance of earning my online friendship.


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