Mike Dillard Reveals The Lamest Secret of Success Secret You’ll Ever Hear

Secret of SuccessWhen you hear the name Mike Dillard, you may think of Magnetic Sponsoring or The Elevation group, but when you hear the name Mike Dillard you DON’T normally think of The Lamest Secret to Success You’ll ever hear

Recently I caught an interview with Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch on Jamie Tardy’s Eventual Millionaire podcast. You can hear it in it’s entirety by clicking on the picture to the left.

As usual Tardy ended the interview by asking each of them what’s one thing the listeners can do today to move them toward a million dollars. Dillard’s response captivated me.

Do you Want to Know The Lamest Secret of Success You’ll Ever Hear?


The Lamest Secret of Success…

is actually the subject line of an email Dillard sent to his list  a long time ago. He went on to tell  Tardy that he has created most of his success by following a simple formula.

Mike Dillard’s Secret of Success

“The number one secret that has allowed me to get to where we are today”, Dillard said. “Was to sit down every night and write down 3 to 5 things I had to get done the next day

……and a lot of them were super unglamorous”

  • redirect the domain name
  • Tweet the AdWords group
  • write an email to the list

Dillard explains that secret of success isn’t more sexy than that.

Think of each task you have to get done as a brick. Do 3 to 5 bricks a day  and 2 or 3 years later you have a house or a business.

Dillard concluded  by saying  that the only difference between those are successful long term and those who aren’t  is the latter have bought in to some kind of dream. [of easy success or money or life]

The guy who shows up every day for 3 years and stacks his bricks,  that’s the guy who lasts.

The take away


  • Success is built incrementally.

  • Do a little each day, but do it everyday

  • Stay the course, don’t stop building your house because someone else is telling you how great theirs is

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