John Maxwell: How Do You Know If You Should Leave Your Job for a New Opportunity?

In today’s economy everyone has a side job, a dream business, a passion they want to follow. But how do we know if we should stay where we are or “Go for it”?

Leadership guru John Maxwell gave this advice in a recent interview on the Catalyst Podcast. He said that each of us must ask ourselves three questions:

 1. What’s required of me?

This is our day job. It’s what we do to pay the bills. We may be passionate about it or we may just be doing it because it’s how we take care of our families. It’s work performed out of a sense of duty.

2. What gives me my greatest return?

This is the activity or activities that we do well. It’s whatever gives us the greatest return on our invested time and effort. It may be What is Required of Us or it may be What Gives Us Our Greatest Reward, but it is where where our success lies.

3. What gives me my greatest reward?

This is what we love to do. Our passion lies here.

John Maxwell noted the key to the whole process is the answer to Question #2.  It makes sense. If you’re better at your day job, then keep it and keep your passion as a hobby.

If you’re greatest return comes from doing what is most rewarding, then get over to it as quickly as possible.

Maxwell also added these points:

  • Don’t leave anything until you have something to go to.
  • Don’t go to something until you are sure it’s going to give you the return you want.
  • You’re  better off to stay a little too long doing what is required than to leave too soon and struggle.

Check out the full interview at Episode 184

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