I Quit!

Sometimes you hit a wall. You have given all you have and it just doesn’t seem to be enough. So what do you do?

As I have worked to develop this site, I’ve had more than a few days when I ‘ve said, “You know what, it would be easier to just quit and go back to my life before I started writing this blog.” I want to do that but I can’t. So how do we keep going when we feel like quitting?

1. Keep the Faith. When you start a big project, you get excited about the journey. You picture yourself at your destination having fun and living the vision in you head. Soon however, the scenery gets monotonous and boring. This is the middle part of the trip where everyone else just sleeps or stares out the window. How do you get past it? Go back to the beginning in your head. Remember the destination. Picture it. Never lose site of the goal.

2. One step at a time. Sometimes when I run, my body tells me it’s ready for a break but I’m not at my stopping point. It is at this time, I start making deals with myself.
‘Just go to the next light pole then you can quit.’ After that, I tell myself just go to the next house then you can quit. Before long I make it to my destination. Am I lying to myself? I don’t know, but it works. Sometimes you have to get yourself to go one more step.

3. Never give up. Remember you have a dream for a reason. If it was worth starting, It’s worth finishing. See it through. You will be glad yo did.

Hope this helps. Press on my friend never give up. Let me know how you break through barriers. I would love to hear your story.

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