HP Printer Install “This product type does not match the list of supported product types”

 I’d like to thank Kris Haynes of the UK for bailing me out of a frustrating  install of a New HP M2727nf printer. With his permission,  I’ve  reposted his fix for an install error that came up when I was trying to install the HP printer software on a Windows 2003 server.



I got this message installing a HP CM1312 on an SBS server, how on earth it is justifiable that an SBS server doesnt meet requirements is beyond me, obviously this being a network shared printer this was no solution so I had to install it.

Even going to the HP website you get the same installer package so you can’t use the add printer wizard… a few hours with HP later and finally we cracked it.

So to get past this error simply hold down CTRL + SHIFT when pressing Cancel on the installer, this will then keep the installer running passed the error and works a treat.


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