Gratitude Challenge – 30 Days of Thankfulness

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

CC-BY SA Joel Montes de Oca

CC-BY SA Joel Montes de Oca

Gratitude Challenge – It’s easy to let negativity take hold in your life. Perhaps you see what others have and wonder why you don’t have the same. Maybe you’re just not as far in your career as you’d like.

Envy, anger and disappointment can  sow seeds of negativity in your mind. Over time, these seeds grow into thought patterns.  Before you know it, you’ve become negative about  everything.

I’ve read hundreds of books about success and listened to hundreds of interviews with successful people.  What stands out in my mind is many successful people say gratitude is a big part of their success.

A few weeks I was listening to a real estate investor talk about his morning rituals. I’m sure you can guess that gratitude was a huge part of it. He said every day he writes down 10 things in his life that he’s thankful for. Sounds like what you’d assume, right? It was what he said next that caught my attention.

He said the next thing he does is write down 10 things he’s thankful for that he doesn’t have yet,  but wants in his life. Wow!  I was blown away. This guy is not only thankful for what he has,  he’s already showing gratitude for what he wants to have. Talk about future pull. This is a great idea and I’ve decided I have to try it.

The Challenge

Every day, for 30 days in a row, get up and write in a journal, spiral notebook or on your computer the following:

10 things  in your life right now for which you’re thankful.

What you’re thankful for can be material or immaterial; it doesn’t matter. Just write down 10 things your really appreciate about your life right now. As you write each one down, try to feel the appreciation for it. Say a prayer of Thanks for it.

10 things you want to have in your life, but haven’t yet appeared. 

Write down 10 items you want in your life, but don’t have yet. The items can be material or immaterial; it doesn’t matter. The point is to visualize and give thanks for what you hope to have someday.

Motivational speaker Mike Litman said

[Tweet “You can’t attract what you don’t respect”]

Writing down what you want to have in your life is a way of showing respect before you receive it.

At the end of 30 days see if your attitude has improved. My guess is that if you’re talking this challenge seriously it probably has.

Closing Thoughts

The point of the challenge is to improve  your attitude. This is not a “Name it and Claim it, Law of Attraction” exercise. I’m not saying you will or won’t’ get what you’re thankful for in the future. Whether you do or don’t is irrelevant. The point of the challenge is a happier, more fulfilled life.


Bookmark this page. Once  you’ve completed the challenge, come back here and let me know how it went by leaving a comment below.


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