Enabling Presenter Mode In PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows a speaker or presenter to use a private view of the presentation that shows the speaker’s notes, a timer and a separate navigation menu. It also gives the speaker the ability to turn the audience’s view of the slides off. To enable Presenter View open PowerPoint and use the following tutorial.

1. Go to the Slide Show Menu and Choose Set Up Show

Go to the Slide Show Menu and select Set Up Show.

2. On the Set Up Show Window, choose to display the Slide Show  on Monitor 2 and check Show Presenter View.

Choose Multiple=

3. Click OK

When The slide show starts Monitor 2 (The Projector) will display the screen in Slide View.

The Audiece sees a Slide

The Audience Sees a Standard Slide

Presenter Notes Screen

The Speaker Sees the Presenter View

This is what the presenter will see

  • The left side of the screen shows a thumbnail navigation menu.
  • The middle of the screen has left and right arrows so the presenter can navigate from slide to slide.
  • In addition, the middle of the screen has a slide indicator that shows the presenter the slide being displayed.
  • To the right of the slide indicator is a presentation timer that lets the presenter know how much time has elapsed during the presentation.
  • The bottom of the screen has a notes area for the speaker’s notes.
  • The right side of the screen has  buttons to end the presentation or  turn off the audience’s view of the slides. Click it a second time to turn it back on.

PowerPoint 2007 works in a similar way except the navigation menu for Presenter View is slightly different. 2007 incorporates the Ribbon Menu as shown below

PowerPoint 2007's Ribbon Menu

PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon

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