Don’t Fall into the Flat White Trap

The following blog post  by Duncan Brodie is used with the permission of the Author:

Now you are probably thinking I have gone insane with this title so let me explain.

The flat white is one of the speciality coffees that they sell at my favourite coffee chain Costa Coffee.

All the staff have to learn and be tested on all of the coffee’s before they can come out of training.

The flat white is deemed to be one of the most difficult to make and trainees often have a look of dread on their face when a customer asks for one.

They worry about getting the milk right and perfecting the pattern.

And the interesting thing is some trainees will go to extreme lengths to avoid having to make the drink, hoping a colleague will do it for them.

So you might be wondering what this has to do with being a successful leader.

Well think about it.

I am guessing there are things you want to achieve and knowing what you want is a great start.

You also need to know why you want to achieve what you want and then take the decisions and make the choices to achieve it.

You will encounter barriers, obstacles, setbacks, rejections and resistance as you move forward

Faced with this it is all too easy to give up.

And here is the reality.  If you want to achieve any kind of success as a leader, manager or even personally, it is vital that you take action to make what you want happen.

Yes it takes courage yes you might fail and even look stupid initially.

Eventually however just like the trainees with their flat white, they eventually start to get better at it and get better results.  They learn from their mistakes and adapt.  This builds confidence and competence.

The reality is that success as a leader or manager is a marathon rather than a sprint.  The question is are you ready to do what it takes?

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