Three Reasons I Stopped Following You on Twitter

Any article I’ve ever read on Twitter goes into detail about what you should and shouldn’t do, but by the end of it the author ends up saying, “….but there are no rules”. So while Twitter is sort of the Wild West of social networks I thought I would share with you three things you can do that will get you deleted from my “following”list.

Outlook: Adjusting the Reading Pane Settings

When I go through my email there are some things I want to come back and read, but mostly I just want to look at it quickly and mark it as read.  By default Outlook gives you 5 seconds before it marks an email as read. That’s way too long for me. Here is how you can quickly reduce the wait time before an item shows as read.

To change the amount of time before a highlighted email in the reading pane is marked as read, go to:

  • Tools > Options > Other Tab.
  • Find the Reading Pane section and click on the Reading Pane button.
    • In Outlook 2007  this section has been relabeled as Outlook Panes and has buttons for Navigation Pane and the To-do Bar.
  • Check “Mark items as read when viewed in the reading pane
  • Set the number of seconds before marking item as read.

Yelp Update: I’m Movin’ On Yelp

It happened so fast I didn’t really pay attention to it. I’ve been on Yelp for a little over a month and have been pretty consistent about leaving reviews for various businesses. It’s fun and I enjoy reading what others have to say too.

So when a friend sent me congratulations on being a “Top Yelper in Kansas City” this week, I couldn’t believe it. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a marketing trick, but I was assured it was not. Here is the screen shot.
Shane Purnell Yelping Off