How To Recover a BitDefender License in Management Server

BitDefender Management Server gives you a great deal of control in your network environment, but  if you aren’t careful, over time, you may lose track of licenses you aren’t using. This post gives you a quick review of how to recover deployed BitDefender licenses from computers that are no longer in service.

To recover the license, simply remove the BitDefender Client  from Managed Computers.
1. Log in to the BitDefender Management Console

 BitDefender Management Server login Page
2. Find the PC in the Managed Computers
3. Right click on the PC and click delete.
This removes the computer from Managed Computers and returns the license to the pool of available BitDefender licenses.
You can make sure the license has been recovered by clicking Tools > registration
The registration window will show you then number of used licenses and the number of licenses remaining.
BitDefender Registration Information


  1. Marcelo

    Thanks for the information. I did this and now it is all right.

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