Believe It or Not, You’re Right

Did you ever stop and think that the negative thoughts you have about yourself may not be true; then again maybe they are. How do you know what to believe? In his book The Millionaire Mindset, T. Harv Ekert says “You’re going to believe something, so you might as well adopt beliefs that support you..”

Beliefs are just thoughts we put our total faith in. When we believe something we don’t question it, we just accept it as true.  Belief acts as a green light to our subconscious to act on whatever we are telling it.  So when we think that a six figure income is out of our reach, guess what? It is.  When we believe that we can improve our lives, guess what? We can!

When you catch yourself in a negative  mental cycle, stop and ask yourself, “Is this the way I want to be?  Do I really believe these negative thoughts or is there a better way to look at this?”

Remember you have the power to choose. You choose your attitudes, beliefs and actions. You can accept what I’m saying or reject it, but remember no matter what you choose to believe you are right.

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