Shane Purnell

Tiny Habits – What are They?

What Are Tiny Habits My experience with tiny habits manifests at 10:45 AM everyday. That’s when  a visual reminder pops up on my computer screen. When I see it, I get up and walk to my car. Monday through Friday for the last 36 days, that’s been my routine. It’s a tiny habit. It’s a concept  from BJ Fogg, The Director of Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University. Fogg’s theory is pretty simple really. It’s based on how habits are formed Fogg believes that…

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My 10 Favorite Mike Litman Quotes

Anyone who’s been around me for any length of time has undoubtedly  heard me throw a Mike Litman quote out. Why? Because Mike has a way with words; he’s quite the showman and his observations on success have had a huge impact on my mindset.   I don’t know if all of these quotes originated with Mike, but for the purposes of this blog post he gets full credit, because I haven’t heard them anywhere else. So without further adieu,…

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