Does Your Audience Have an Identity

Standing on the Platform over audienceMaybe we can blame Seth Godin, clever marketing or the times in which we live, but something happens to the identity of the group of loyal people who gather regularly to hear our message. For whatever reason, referring to them as an audience is not good enough.  They have become something more.

Below are 23 terms for an audience.  Some are new and some go back decades, but no matter what you call them, you need to find out everything you can about what they love and what causes them pain. The more you know about them, the better you can serve them. Find a term you like or come up with your own, just make sure you remember who they are.

 Internet Audiences

  • Seth Godin calls them a Tribe
  • Facebook calls them your Fans
  • Twitter and Instagram refer to them as your Followers
  • LinkedIn says they’re your Connections
  • John Lee Dumas and David Siteman Garland have Nations.
  • Kristen Pedemonti calls her audience her “Tall Children”

 Celebrity Audiences

  • Lady GaGa  calls her audience little monsters
  • Rush Limbaugh has DittoHeads
  • If you love Justin Beiber,  you’re one of his  Beliebers
  • Jerry Garcia’s and the Grateful Dead are followed by DeadHeads
  • KISS has an Army
  • If you’re yellow and work for Gru from Despicable Me,  you’re one of his minions

Other Audiences Worth Mentioning

  • If you don’t like your audience, they’re the Peanut Gallery.
  • All kinds of sports teams have their Nations.
  • My church calls their audience a congregation.
  • Teachers call theirs a class.


There’s No Shortages of Audience Names

So you can call them:

    • a throng
    • a gallery
    • patrons
    • co-workers
    • customers
    • friends
    • or family

It really doesn’t matter because anyone who gathers regularly to listen, see or read what you have to say is your audience. And whether it is 1 or 1,000,000, how you treat them can make all the difference in the world.


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