A Simple Tutorial for Writing a Yelp Review.

Well, I’ve been on Yelp for about a month now and I’m starting to get the hang of it. In my 09/11/21010 post I promised more Yelpology.  Trying to keep my word, here is my basic primer on writing a Yelp review.

  1. After you log in click on the Write a Review Tab.
  2. Yelp, Write a review

  3. Enter the Business Name and What it’s near (e.g. address,city, neighborhood) and press the Search Businesses button
  4. Search for Businesses for Yelp

  5. One or more businesses that match your search criteria will appear. Find the one you want to review and click the write a review button. The screen shot below shows the review page.
  6. Yelp Reivew

  7. Choose the star rating you want to give the business. Yelp has clever little sayings next to the stars to give you an idea of where the business should rate on a scale of 1 to 5
  8. 1 star on yelp
    2 stars on Yelp
    3 Stars on Yelp
    4 stars on Yelp
    5 stars on Yelp
  9. Now write your review. Be descriptive. Don’t just tell about the food, service or product. Tell about the atmosphere, the employees and the service. Be as descriptive as you can be while keeping it short and to the point. I recommend reading Christyn K’s reviews. She is very descriptive, funny and has been on Yelp for a while. I trust what she says. She will give you a good feel for how to write a reivew. Also Check out Jaime F.
  10. When your’e done writing your review, the next section asks you to fill out some survey items. For example, I do restaurant reviews so the survey questions ask about smoking sections, wait staff, etc… Fill out what you know. If you don’t have an answer then skip the question.
  11. Finally, when you are done, click the post button. Your completed review will appear before you. Reread your review and check for spelling and punctuation errors. If there are any you can click on the edit link above the review and go back in and change the mistake.
    edit post
  12. Yelp Review

    Here is a recent reivew I did for a local restuarant

There you have it, my simple tutorial for posting a review on Yelp. Please comment on the tutorial and tell my what you thought (especially if it was helpful).

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