Leverage the Power of Personal Brand & Thought Leadership for Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization


By 2020 it's expected  the freelance workforce will be 40% of all workers.  The number of micro business & self-employed individuals will continue to rise and traditional employment will be harder to find.

Your ability to tell your professional story, create relevant content and build a powerful network of influencers will impact your success. A traditional resume is no longer enough; employers & clients want to see evidence of your expertise and skills. They want to know they are working with an authority.

Let me show you  how to increase your visibility & create your own professional platform.

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About Shane

Bows2Shane Purnell is an IT professional, podcast host and speaker. He's spent the last 18 years studying how to help others connect their message to the world through New Media. He has multiple blogs on technology, personal development and platform building.


The Whole Story

When he graduated from college, the Internet as we know it, didn’t exist. He quickly realized that if he wanted to make it in life, a degree in Speech Communication wasn’t going to bring the income I dreamed about.

Shane Purnell SpeakingEarly in his career, he tried to find his way in customer service, management and sales, but they all seemed like the long road to meet his goals. So he retooled his skillset and dove into Information Technology. For 18 years he's helped corporations large and small build and maintain their information technology infrastructures.

For 18 years, he's also watched how technologies that have utilized the power of the Internet have revolutionized how we approach everything.

How we buy and sell.
How we talk with our friends.
How we communicate our ideas.


ontheplatformBut it didn't change how we do things; it changed how we see ourselves. That's when he realized who we are online was just as important as who we were in our real lives. He knew then that if we were going to start living out our lives online, we had better be able to communicate who we are in a whole new way

Since then Shane has focused on connecting technology with how we want to show up in the world. All of his speeches, workshops and training are designed to help people connect the power of their message to the world.

If you're looking for a speaker who can help you connect the dots between technology and how people need to communicate Shane is right for your event.



Dr. Julie Conor

Shane shows others how to tell their story, build a personal brand, and establish their network. Shane is an inspirational presence. I urge you to consider Shane as a speaker at your next event

Dr. Julie Conor Dr. Julie Connor, Keynote Speaker & Author
Rachel Ellyn

Shane brought a high level of energy and knowledge to a subject many of my attendees find overwhelming.

What did the attendees think of Shane? Overwhelmingly they said, “We want him back next year!”

What’s my recommendation about having Shane for your event? Just book him!

Rachel Ellyn Business of Writing Success Workshop

Some of  Shane's Popular Speech Topics for Events, Conferences and Businesses

  • Leading a Team of One - All Leadership Starts with Self Leadership

    LEADERSHIP is a rare skill. The ability to effectively inspire and move teams toward a common goal is rare and takes time to develop. Before you can lead a department or organization, you must be able to lead yourself.

    This talk covers the 4 fundamental truths of self-leadership and how to apply them to yourself and your organization.

    Self-Leadership starts with a decision
    Self -Leadership requires a commitment
    Self-Leadership benefits the team
    Self-Leadership produces results for the organization


  • C.A.R.V.E. A Platform for Success

    By 2020 40% of the workforce will be “on demand”. That means that you need to position yourself or your company as the “go to” source for your solution.

    You need to get noticed. This presentation focuses on the  five essential elements you need to build your platform.

    The Five Elements of  C.A.R.V.E

    Channels – Where you show up.

    Authority – The activities that build your credibility and expertise

    Relationships – Who you know and who knows you

    Visibility – How well you show up in you channels

    Evidence – The proof of your platform.


    This presentation provides the audience with a framework that will help them stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

  • The Power of Connections - How Your Network Can Build Your Reputation

    Many of us try to play the game of success like the television show “Survivor”. We try to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition, but success is a team sport. No one achieves anything significant without the help of others. Those who know how to harness the power of connections will win the game best.  


    This presentation covers the 3 competitive a strong network provides


    Connections are a force multiplier

    Connections create opportunities

    Connections build stronger teams

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