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Interviews with Thought Leaders Such As...

  • Bob Burg

    Bob Burg is a recognized world-class speaker, author and business influencer. He has shared the stage with business leaders, entertainers and even a former U.S. President.  His books have sold millions of copies and he is recognized as one of the top business influencers in the world.

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  • MIchelle Mazur

    Dr. Michelle Mazur is in a category of one. She’s a one of a kind speech coach who helps speakers embrace their true rebel selves.   She’s the author of the book  Speak Up for Your Business and the President of Communication Rebel.

    Her work has  been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company and PR Daily and her Rebel Speaker podcast is consistently at the Top of  iTunes

  • Tim Sanders

    Tim Sanders is a New York Times best selling author, He has consulted for some of the most famous companies in the world and he’s a sought after keynote speaker. His name gets thrown around in the same circles as Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, but you’d never know it from talking with him. Tim has made a career out of sharing his contacts, his resources and his compassion with others.

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  • Bill O'Hanlon

    Bill O’Hanlon is professional speaker and prolific author.  (over 30 books so far) He motivates people & organizations to determine what they are meant to be doing and to remove the barriers to succeeding at those goals.

    Originally trained as a psychotherapist, Bill became known for his collaborative respectful approach, irreverent humor, storytelling, clear and accessible presentation style and his infectious enthusiasm for whatever he is doing. He teaches seminars, leads trainings, writes books, coaches people and offers websites, podcasts, blogs, web-based courses, teleclasses and audio and video programs

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@RyanRhoten @RyanRhoten


This is a don't miss podcast for me. I think after one listen, it will be for you too.

Mark Stipc Mark Stipc


Shane is a seriously inspiring dude

Nicholas Elliot Nicholas Elliot


This podcast always has fascinating and practical insights on communication from some of my favorite thought leaders. Shane, is clearly a master communicator and his enthusiasm and passion about the topic shows in each episode.

Easy to Linger Easy to Linger


Great podcast that helps motivate you. Shane Purnell has upbeat and positive energy that encourages you.