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How to Be Productive in 7 Easy Steps: Part 2

In part 1 of this series I shared my mindset, planning, prioritization and execution of my day.  Today, I’ll be covering  how I maintain my focus, how I make adjustments and my results mindset. I hope were able to put into practice some of my recommendations form last week and I hope you find this week’s tips helpful too.

 Steps 5-7 of How to be productive

Eliminate or mitigate distractions   Doing this made the biggest difference in my personal productivity.

  • Unnecessary conversations. Those 5 minute innocent conversations are actually costing you 1 to 2 hours of productivity per week.  Be very aware that they are wasting your time and robbing your productivity.
  • social media/email: Set non-work time aside for these activities
  • phone calls. Same thing, schedule them for after work. If that’s not possible call people back during you lunch break.

Re-evaluate your plan at mid-day. 

  • Personal Experience: I noticed a tendency to drift from my daily plan in the afternoon. I’d get caught up with distractions or my day would take a turn I hadn’t expected. When I decided to make a 2nd half game plan, I was able to refocus my effort and finish the day with the same focus and intensity with which I started.
  • Before going to lunch, plan the afternoon.  Don’t leave for lunch without making a plan for the afternoon.
  • Think of each 8 hour day as two days.  If you divide your day into two halves you can game plan for changes in the day.

Have a results mindset

  • Have a sense of urgency about what your doing.  Try to get each task done as quickly as possible while still maintaining  your standards of excellence and quality.
  • Be aware of  your value:  “You aren’t paid by the hour, you are paid for the value you bring to the hour“. Make your time count.

There you have it;  my personal productivity plan.  It’s made a huge difference in what I get done each day. I hope you can find some nugget of truth in here that will make a difference for you too. I’d love to hear what you do to be more productive. Please leave me a comment with how you ensure your own productivity each day.

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