Does Your Audience Have an Identity

Maybe we can blame Seth Godin, clever marketing or the times in which we live, but something happens to the identity of the group of loyal people who gather regularly to hear our message. For whatever reason, referring to them as an audience is not good enough.  They have become something more. Below are 23 terms for an audience.  Some are new and some go back decades, but no matter what you call them, you need to find out everything…

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Shane Purnell & Ryan Rhoten on The Brand New You Podcast

Ryan Rhoten knows this and you should too. The more time I spend studying communication, the more obvious it is  that we all  need to build a personal platform.  So much of what I talk about sits at the intersection of personal branding, public relations and communication. Because of that, I often find myself as a guest expert on podcasts or being interviewed for my opinions on building a personal platform. Recently I sat down with Ryan Rhoten of the brand-new you…

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Shane Purnell on RTW Nation Podcast

In today’s business environment, even traditional industries like healthcare are being disrupted.  This disruption has also led to incredible opportunities for anyone looking to lead.  Recently Platform Giant Communication founder Shane Purnell visited with Mark Stipc on  RTW Nation, a podcast focused on helping  Australian businesses navigate the WorkCover system more effectively, to discuss how building a personal platform can improve your professional career.  They also discussed how to quickly  establish credibility and how to become an influencer in your profession.…

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No Problem Is a Problem.

I’ve noticed the phrase “No Problem” has become the defacto response to “Thank You” in many business transactions.  When I was a young customer service representative,  I was taught  it’s bad customer service to say “No Problem”. By saying, “No problem“, you are implying that if  there had been a problem, you wouldn’t  have reciprocated your appreciation. In a 2009 blog post on,  Elaine Buxton gives t her reaction when her “Thank You” was greeted with “No Problem” at an airport restaurant.…

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