Waiting for Change

Here in the U.S., we get geared up for a Presidential Election every four years. And every four years we hear the same speeches and promises about change.  Recently I was listening to and audio program by the late Jim Rohn. In his talk, he mentioned all of external factors people use as excuses for…

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Don't Stay down! Get Back up!

What Do You Do When Life Gets Hard?

So what do you do when life keeps coming at you and it won’t let up?

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Winners ask Four Questions

Winning! The Four Questions All Winners Ask

Want to know why winners win? They ask better questions.
Yehuda Shamir of WinningCenter.com says that all winners engage in a real time self-evaluation process that consists of 4 questions. The answers to these four questions put them on the path to constant improvement.

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John Maxwell: How Do You Know If You Should Leave Your Job for a New Opportunity?

In today’s economy everyone has a side job, a dream business, a passion they want to follow. But how do we know if we should stay where we are or “Go for it”?

Leadership guru John Maxwell gave this advice in a recent interview on the Catalyst Podcast. He said that each of us must ask ourselves three questions:

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