Shane Purnell presenting at WordCamp KC

What I learned from Presenting at WordCamp

I was a speech communication major in college and I absolutely loved it……I wanted to know if I could still get up in front of an audience I didn’t know and present and present well.

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HotArea.ocx Message

Measure Up Test Shows Hotarea.ocx Error

[LocalWare][339] Component ‘HotArea.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. Was the message that greeted me when I fired up my first Windows Server 2012 practice test from MeasureUp. After a bit of Googling, I found two solutions to this error.  The first from the FAQ section of…

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Empty the Recycle Bins For All Users in Windows

How to empty all the recycle bins for all users in Windows To empty all the recycle bins on a machine  with  multiple user profiles type: rd /s c:\$Recycle.Bin  Confirm that you want to empty the recycle bins. Type Y  to carry out the command or N to cancel the command. Keep in Mind: This command works with…

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Mike Dillard Reveals The Lamest Secret of Success Secret You’ll Ever Hear

Do you Want to Know The Lamest Secret of Success You’ll Ever Hear?

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