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How To Pursue Your Dreams When Can’t Pursue them Full Time

How do you pursue your dreams when you already have a full time job? It’s not easy and here are three things you must do to pursue your dreams when you can’t pursue them full time.

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Gratitude Challenge – 30 Days of Thankfulness

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge Gratitude Challenge – It’s easy to let negativity take hold in your life. Perhaps you see what others have and wonder why you don’t have the same. Maybe you’re just not as far in your career as you’d like. Envy, anger and disappointment can  sow seeds of negativity in your mind. Over…

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Book Cover What Stays in Vegas

Adam Tanner Speaks on the Rise of Personal Data Collection

Through story after story Adam Tanner wove a picture of how data collection works, who’s doing it and why. Using Caesars Entertainment as the poster child for data collection Tanner explained how casinos and other business trade us perks and privileges in exchange for our personal information. Whether it’s a fast pass at an amusement park, free airline miles or a shorter line for the buffet, businesses use a simple system of rewards based operant conditioning to inspires us to stay longer, return sooner and spend more with them.

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Shane Purnell presenting at WordCamp KC

What I learned from Presenting at WordCamp

I was a speech communication major in college and I absolutely loved it……I wanted to know if I could still get up in front of an audience I didn’t know and present and present well.

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